Air-to-water Heat Pumps

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One of the best performing air/water heat pump on the market

In 2011 the Swedish Energy Agency, a government organization, conducted a thorough test of air/water heat pumps available on the market. The tests were carried out as per the European standard EN 14511. According to the test result, Thermia Atec is the heat pump that delivers the biggest overall savings. Moreover, Thermia Atec has top results in terms of hot water temperature, low noise levels and low energy losses.

“Thermia ATEC delivers huge savings”

The test results in brief – Thermia ATEC:

  • has the highest annual efficiency
  • has the lowest energy costs
  • delivers the biggest savings
  • runs quietly
  • top results in terms of hot water comfort
  • maintains a high temperature in the hot water tank
  • high proportion of 40 °C hot water
  • low energy losses

Air water heat pumps reduce heat wastage

By using an air water heat pump you can lower your heating costs by as much as 75% – without affecting the capacity of the heat pump. Just like a geothermal heat pump, an air water heat pump produces both heat and hot water.

You place an air water heat pump from Thermia indoors in your home and therefore reduce the heat wastage. These vital parts, upon which the heating relies, are sheltered from harsh external conditions, which increases the heat pump’s life. Since no hot water is circulating in the building’s exterior this also reduces heat wastage. An air water heat pump from Thermia has a high efficiency all year round, which is possible since the heat pump will defrost itself. You don’t need to keep track of when the heat pump has to be defrosted – it is activated automatically when needed.

Very high efficiency – Reduces Fuel bills – Easy retrofit, no digging or drilling – Lowers carbon footprint – Intelligent controls – Weather Compensation – Hot Water Priority