Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air to Water Heat Pumps 1

Thermia Atec


One of the best performing Air to Water heat pumps on the market

In 2011 the Swedish Energy Agency, a government organisation, conducted a thorough test of Air to Water heat pumps available on the market. The tests were carried out as per the European standard EN 14511. According to the test result, Thermia Atec is the heat pump that delivers the biggest overall savings. Moreover, Thermia Atec has top results in terms of hot water temperature, low noise levels and low energy losses.


The test results in brief – Thermia ATEC:

  •  Has the highest annual efficiency
  • Has the lowest energy costs
  • Delivers the biggest savings
  • Runs quietly
  • Has top results in terms of hot water comfort
  • Maintains a high temperature in the hot water tank
  • High proportion of 40 °C hot water
  • Low energy losses
Air to Water Heat Pumps 2

Thermia iTec

An Air To Water heat pump with inverter technology

The inverter-controlled compressor adjusts the heat load constantly according to the current heat demand. You never use more energy than is needed, and this of course reduces your energy bills further. The Air to Water heat pump that delivers maximum performance and comfort, year round.

Energy is collected from the outdoor air, and is used for heating and hot water, delivering efficient energy savings at temperatures as low as -25 °C. With a unique acoustic design, it operates very quietly. The cooling function assures a pleasant indoor climate also during the hottest period of the year. And if you have a swimming pool, you can reduce the heating cost significantly as Thermia iTec can also be used to heat pools. With a high seasonal performance Thermia iTec allows you to reduce your energy consumption by up to 75%. Designed and built in Sweden from top quality European components.


Air to Water Heat Pumps 3

  • Reduce heat cost by up to 75%
  • Delivers efficient energy savings at temperatures as low as -25
  • Multifunction: heating, domestic hot water and cooling
  • Adjust heat load according to heating demands thanks to the inverter controlled compressor
  • Integrated patented tap water stratification (TWS) system: 15% more hot water, faster than traditional alternatives
  • Intelligent control system with easy to understand menu
  • Online remote monitoring from any Smartphone, computer or tablet
  • Acoustic performance as low as 45dB (A)
  • Compatible with additional products such as solar panels, & back up boilers.
  • Compatible with heat emitters such as underfloor heating, radiators or heat convectors