Heat Recovery Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

With houses becoming more and more airtight and insulation levels being constantly improved, air quality in your home can be a concern. People are choosing to install HRV systems to ensure filtered fresh air circulates throughout their house at all times. A HRV system removes stale, moist air, creating a healthier, more comfortable place to live. A HRV system will also save you money, reducing your energy requirements for heating by reusing the heat that is usually lost ith regular extract systems.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Unit:

  • A whole-house heat recovery ventilation unit with integrated summer by-pass, designed for verntilation of family homes.
  • Simple, automatic controls that work with both indoor and outdoor tempratures.
  • Different programmes of ventilation intensity
  • Unit can be installed on the wall in a utility room or on the floor in the attic with a condensate discharge point that should be connected to a sanitary sewer.
  • Replaceable G3 class air filters for dust.
  • Automatic de-frosting function.
  • Compact size.
  • Very low noise level.

Ubblink Manifold Flexible Ducting System:

  • The distribution box is then connected to a ventilation unit using mass flow ductwork and a silencer.
  • Low system pressure drop.
  • The ventilation rates can be controlled by flow restrictors in the distribution box.
  • Easy to assemble semi-rigid flexible rolls of duct
  • Continuous ducts runs with mechanical connections at either end also means less air leakage.
  • Crosstalk between rooms is reduced to an absolute minimum.