Underfloor Heating

Heat in rooms is individually and accurately regulated by their own thermostats. Other options for control include programmable room thermostats, which give even more precise control over comfort levels with the additional convenience of a timing function. Wireless radio controlled systems are also available with an optional central control panel for zone control of groups of rooms.

Predictive Weather compensation control, is an ideal way of controlling Underfloor Heating. As the external temperature decreases, this causes increased heat loss from the building over the following hours. The weather compensating control senses this change and increases the flow temperature in the underfloor pipes via a mixing valve. The opposite is also true, when the temperature outside increases the heat loss from the building will be less, therefore we can afford to drop the flow temperture in the underfloor pipes without risking under-heating. It can be coupled with any type of heating system ie oil, gas, geothermal etc.

In essence with weather compensation we are only putting enough energy into the building at any time to replace the heat lost, resulting in an efficient and comfortable system with no over/under-heating.